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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fossil Echinoderms

5-point Star Fish

Echinoderms first appeared around 540 million years ago. They are found as fossils in rocks of all ages, and are still common in oceans across the world. Whole echinoderm fossils are quite rare, but are amongst the most beautiful of fossils.

Beautiful markings on fossil sand dollar

Echinoderms are amazing with their diverse symmetry and unique markings. They left behind a very excessive fossil record and can be found in every ocean depth from intertidal to abyssal zone. Echinoderms are important both biologically and geologically. Their ossified skeletons area an important contribution to the many limestone formations and provide detailed clues as to any given areas geological environment

Crinoid Stem Plate

Fossil Sand Dollar

Fossil Sand Dollars
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